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Puppy Buyer Contract

Seller: Dave Bull, Willow Mountain Griffons      _________________________
Address:_702 Windsong Dr., Corvallis, MT 59828  _______________________
Phone: 406-961-5241_______________


Address:_                             _

Phone:__ ______________

Date of Sale:_ ________ Date of Delivery:_ _________
Terms: Outright purchase ___X______________ Co-ownership______________________
Registration: Full________________________ Limited________________________

Deposit:_$150.00_ Date:__ _______________
Balance paid:__________________ Date:_________________ (Balance due on delivery).



Breed – Wire Haired Pointing Griffon Sex______ Color:
DOB:_ _______ Puppies must be 8 weeks or older before delivery.
Litter/Registration Number:  AKC :  NAVHDA:
Sire: _Griffe D’Automne Silver Bullet   ____NAVHDA# GR-002848 AKC# SR44198802
Call Name:_Bullet_____________________ OFA# __
Dam:_Ear Mountain Tess _______________NAVHDA#_GR-001819_AKC# SR22616802
Call Name: _Sadie   ___________________ OFA#_WG-1519G28F-NOPI
§ See pedigree attached.



  • This puppy is a purebred Wire Haired Pointing Griffon. This puppy is of typical temperament and structure, and embodies the basic standards of the Wire Haired Pointing Griffon breed.

  • The pedigree furnished is correct.

  • The puppy is registered with the AKC and NAVHDA.

  • The registered name is

  • AKC and NAVHDA Registration papers will be filled out after the sale is complete, and will be forwarded to the Buyer when they have been returned by the AKC and NAVHDA.

  • AKC and NAVHDA registration is full _______ or limited_______. Puppies sold on limited registration may not be shown in AKC conformation shows or bred, however, they are eligible to compete in obedience trials and other performance events. The Buyer’s understanding and acceptance of this condition is signified here by his/her initials:____________________ Date:________________

  • The purchase price of this puppy will be refunded if the Buyer furnishes the Seller with a veterinary certificate indicating that the puppy is unwell or unsound, or for any other reason, and returns the puppy to the Seller within 72 hours of delivery.  No veterinary or shipping costs will be reimbursed by the Seller.

  • If the Buyer has paid by check, the purchase price will be refunded only if or when the Buyer’s check has cleared and been credited to the Seller’s account.

  • The puppy’s sire and dam are both OFA certified as free of hip dysplasia, and comes from many generations of dogs also free of hip dysplasia. The puppy is expected to be free of hereditary crippling hip dysplasia, however, no guarantee of such is or can be made, or intended herein.

  • The puppy is healthy at the time of sale and has had the immunizations enumerated in the § attached health record.

  • Seller in no way guarantees that this puppy/dog shall win in performance events.

  • If the Seller determines by any means that the puppy/dog is not being suitably cared for or that it has been mentally or physically mistreated, Seller has the right to take full possession of the dog and its properly signed AKC and NAVHDA transfer papers/registration, without compensation. The Seller’s opinion is the only authority required to justify this action.  Testimony of other people will not supersede the Seller’s judgment on this matter.  Under such circumstances, all warranties are then VOID.

·       The Seller will endeavor to place any returned puppy/dog as advantageously as possible. If a purchase price is obtained for the puppy/dog, it will be refunded to the original Buyer, less any costs of placement.  If the puppy/dog is placed free of charge, no money will be returned to the original Buyer.  No veterinary or other costs of keeping the puppy/dog, or any other costs incurred by the Buyer resulting from his/her ownership of the puppy/dog, will be paid by the Seller to the original Buyer of the puppy/dog under any circumstances.

  • The Seller agrees to replace the puppy with another pet quality puppy from the next available Willow Mountain Griffons litter within one year of notification should the puppy be found to have any of the following conditions prior to 24 months of age.  If a pet quality puppy is not available within one year, the original purchase price of the puppy will be refunded to the Buyer.

      1.  The puppy is diagnosed with hip dysplasia and/or elbow dysplasia by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA);

      2.  The puppy is diagnosed with juvenile cataracts, PRA, or glaucoma as confirmed by an ACVO diplomat veterinarian;

      3.  The puppy is diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy as confirmed at a university veterinary school after ruling out poisoning, tumor or trauma and after the following minimum blood work: blood sugar for diabetes or hypoglycemia; T3, T4, TSH; liver function; heavy metals.

  • A request for refund must be made in writing and must be accompanied by copies of veterinary reports as indicated.  Refund shall be made within 30 days of said notification and required documentation.

No other warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made under this contract except as stated above.

Signed by Seller:____________________________________
Date: __________


Buyer agrees that if at any time, and for any reason, he/she is unable to keep or properly care for the puppy/dog, it shall be returned to the Seller and to no one else. The Buyer’s understanding and acceptance of this condition is signified here by his/her initials:____________________ Date:________________

  • The Buyer agrees to maintain the puppy/dog’s health with yearly vaccinations as specified by their veterinarian.

  • Should the puppy/dog become ill or unsound, all costs of treatment will be the responsibility of the Buyer.

  • The Buyer agrees to keep the puppy/dog in appropriate lean weight to maximize the puppy/dog’s soundness and longevity.

  • The Buyer agrees to feed only high quality puppy/dog food.

  • The Buyer agrees to socialize, train, and keep the puppy/dog in a manner acceptable to the Seller.

  • Buyer agrees that any (dog or bitch) being bred to this Wire Haired Pointing Griffon shall be approved by the Seller. All breeding must be done by contract, and any dog/bitch bred to this Wire Haired Pointing Griffon must have OFA hip certification of good or better, and any other health clearances requested by the Seller or typical for the breed.

Signed by Buyer:__________________________________________ Date:__________